About Us

Investing in startups has been a trend for an investor who seeking high potential. Telemedicine, work from home, contactless payment, and new security are no doubting newcomers in a post-pandemic. Covid-19 revokes people to reorient mindsets and revalue for the future.

Why Startfund?

Exclusive Access

Startfund is an open plaftform for anyone over the age of 18-year-old and seeks opportunities to participate in crowdfunding.

Highly Vetted

Our team selectively choose our partners and thoroughly select startups that pass a due-diligence process, company financials, features, goals, et cetera.

Earn Bonuses

After the campaign has been funded, bonus will be issued. Bonus may include gifts, coupons, discount, early participating, et cetera.

Diversified portfolio

Our platform committed to connect diverse potential entrepreneurs. There will be many investment opportunities involve in diverse industries.

Highly selective

We’ve accepted less than 3% of the startups that applied. The startups listed must all successfully pass our comprehensive due diligence process.

Free for Investors

Startfund is an investor-friendly platform with top-rated customer service and no hidden fees.

Invest your Future

Our launch aims to create a level playing field for entrepreneurs and investors.


Invest with as little as $100 in the startups and small businesses you believe in.

Invest with the pros

Backed by top angels and VCs.

Global deal flow

Startfund connects investors and startups from all over the globe.

Our Services

Startfund is an all-in-one platform that helps real estate, ECO, technology, and startup issuers raise capital. We intend to collaborate with a variety of industries to help the companies registered with us raise capital through effective due diligence and client onboarding processes.

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